Zoning & Code

Zoning MapA construction permit is a legally binding contract with the Township of Franklin. The contract is binding until all required inspections are completed. To assure that the project is code compliant the resident should require their contractor to be present at all inspections and most importantly the final inspection. The final inspection must be completed and approved in order to issue the Certificate of Occupancy. Prior to making final payments a Certificate of Occupancy should be in your possession or presented to you by your contractor at the time of final payment.

Have a Question or Need Help?

For information regarding building permits or zoning, please contact Robert Rittle, who works for the Township as Building Inspector and Zoning Officer, through LTL Consultants, Ltd. David Wallace is in the Township Office on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.  To set up a meeting with David or speak with him directly, call the Township Office at (610) 255-5212. To schedule an inspection, contact LTL Consultants directly at (610) 987–9290 or (888) 987–8886 and be sure to have your permit number handy.