New Ordinances

Ordinance 2020-01 Historic District Demolition by Neglect

An ordinance amending Chapter 11 of the township code entitled "Historic district" allowing the township to better contend with owners of properties in the historic district that are being destroyed by willful neglect.

Section 27-1721 Governing Additional Dwelling Units

An ordinance enacted pursuant to the Pennsylvania municipalities planning code amending the franklin township zoning ordinance, by deleting section 27-1712

Residential conversion and references to the term granny flat and adding the term additional dwelling unit and a new section 27-1721 governing additional dwelling units.

Chapter 10 Regulating Bamboo

An ordinance of Franklin Township, Chester County, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania amending the Franklin Township code of ordinances, Chapter 10, health and safety to add a new part 3 regulating bamboo.