Franklin Township - 2021 Road Program - Tentative Schedule

Below is our tentative schedule for the Franklin Township 2021 Road Program.  This schedule could fluctuate by a day or two depending on the weather and the completion of preceding projects.  This document is a living document and will change over time.

For Longs paving, their time frame from start to finish of the project should be Monday September 27th to Tuesday October 12th.

We would ask that residents who live and or travel in the areas mentioned below, build in extra time into their schedules as there will / could be significant wait times before being directed to proceed by a flagger. 

A Project Manager from Long’s will be in contact with Barbara Wallace of the Avon Grove School District regarding bus runs. 

Please check the website regularly for updates.

Tuesday 9/28 – Mill Gypsy Hill Road

Wednesday 9/29 – Mill Hess Mill Road and Duncan Lane

Thursday 9/30 – Mill/Fill and Widening for Curb Gypsy Hill Road

Friday 10/1 – Mill/Fill, Widening, Storm Sewer trench restoration Hess Mill Road and Duncan Lane

Monday 10/4 – Overlay Gypsy Hill Road and install asphalt curb.  Mill SchoolHouse Road and Cavender Lane

Tuesday 10/5 – Overlay Hess Mill Road and install asphalt curb.  Overlay Duncan Lane. Mill Laurel Bridge Road

Wednesday 10/6 – Mill/Fill SchoolHouse Road and Laurel Bridge Road

Thursday 10/7 – Overlay SchoolHouse Road and Cavender Lane and install asphalt curb

Our Interim Road Contractor Yardwork’s will be doing some advance work before Longs Paving starts.  A couple of days before this work will occur with our Interim Road Contractor, we will be posting those notices to you on our website and through Facebook.

Please keep in mind that road projects are dynamic, and changes may be made in the field.  The map provided is a general depiction of the work area and should not be considered engineered drawings.