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The History of

Franklin Township
The following collection of documents and photos depicting Franklin Township's rich history has been made possible by the Historical Commission.
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Notice to Township Residents: Periodically, the Township grinds up trees and branches from the roadways. We would be pleased to deliver a load of wood chips to interested residents free of charge. Just call the Township office, give us a number where you can be reached, and we will call you when the chips are available. We would deliver the chips the day we chip them. You do not have to be home to receive the load; the contractor will dump them on your driveway so that the truck won’t leave any ruts on your grass.

Chester County now supports Smart911. Smart911 is a free service that allows individuals and families to create a safety profile online which provides key information to Chester County’s 9-1-1 Center. Chester County is the first county in Southeastern PA to provide this service. Completely secure and private, residents control what information they want 9-1-1 and first responders to have in an emergency situation. The safety profile enables faster and more effective emergency response by law enforcement, fire and emergency medical services.

Township Resident's
Hazardous Trees

At the September 21 Board of Supervisors meeting, the Township passed Ordinance 2016-08, addressing trees in the Township’s rights-of-way.  Passing this Ordinance allows the Township to bill a resident who does not take down a tree or remove branches that are posing a danger to the public within 21 days after being notified by the Township that this work should be done.  When a hazardous situation is noted, the Township will notify a resident that branches and/or tree needs to be removed. If the work hasn’t been performed in the noted time frame, the Township will do the work and then bill the resident.  If not paid within 60 days, the Township has the ability to place a lien on the property.  It should be noted that although the Township has a right to enter rights-of-ways, the trees belong to the property owners as stated in the Second Class Township Code.
Please fill out this Complaint Form and email or mail it to the Township Office.  Forms can also be picked up in person at the township office. Fill out the form completely. All information will be held in strict confidence.
 Townships Today
A quarterly newsletter for Townships & Residents

Summer issue: "Help Take A Bite Out Of Lyme"
 Township Video News
Pennsylvania is in the midst of a public-safety crisis that's affecting many townships: The number of volunteer firefighters is shrinking at an alarming rate - down from 300,000 in the 1970s to around 50,000 today.

Can we avert a problem that's not only jeopardizing lives but also local budgets?
To find out, watch the Township Video News Special Report, featuring a one-on-one interview with Rep. Frank Farry, a Bucks County fire chief who understands the challenges confronting fire companies and municipalites and is using the knowledge to take action.
After watching, please contact your lawmakers and urge them to support the reboot of Senate Resolution 60 and its menu of options to help local fire companies recruit and retain volunteers. 

Pennsylvania recently became the 24th state to legalize medical marijuana.

Senator Mike Folmer discusses the legalization of medical marijuana in Pennsylvania and the challenges that this new industry presents for townships.
Recent News
Requests to view public records must be made by written application on this Request for Information Form.
For additional information on Open Records, Click Here.
Please Report Roadkill
If you encounter a dead animal on one of our Township's roadways please do one of the following:  Call the Township Office and we will call it in, OR If it is a PennDOT Road – Call PennDOT’s Chester County Maintenance Department at 484-340-3201.  If it is on a Township-maintained roadway report it to the Fish and Game Commission at 610-926-1966.  Thank you!
Please Report Downed Trees to the Township office at 610-255-5212 or via email.
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Road work will be performed on a portion of South Guernsey Road (see attached map) starting July 24, 2017 and will continue the entire week. The scope of this project will include milling, grading and paving. Local traffic only will be allowed to proceed during the milling and grading operations; however, drivers could experience long delays. During paving, the road will be closed and through traffic will not be allowed. Check the website frequently for updates.

JULY 26, 2017 – RAIN DATE – JULY 27, 2017
PECO is scheduled to be working at the intersection of South Guernsey & Pennocks Bridge Road on July 26, 2017, with a rain date of July 27, 2017. PECO has informed the Township that they will be interrupting service to certain households and interruption of service letters have been sent out to all affected customers. Franklin Township Interruption Area: South Guernsey Rd south to Hillcrest and north to Chambers Rd. Pennocks Bridge Rd west from South Guernsey to West Branch Rd. Switching to de-energize will start at approximately 8:00 am. Switching to re-energize will start at approximately 2:00 pm. If you have any questions regarding this service interruption, please contact PECO at (800) 841-4141

We have been notified that PECO and their contractor will be inspecting their lines and trimming vegetation as part of routine maintenance. This work should begin the first week of August and be completed near the end of August. Please review the attached map to see the areas where they will be working. If you have any questions related to your property, please contact PECO directly at 1800-841-4141.

Chester County
New Floodplain
Maps to be Final on 9/29/2017
Thursday, July 20th from 4:30 - 7:00 pm
Chester County Government Services Center
Room 171, 601 Westtown Road, West Chester
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Andrew Delaney Completes His
Eagle Scout Project in Crossan Park
Thanks to Andrew Delaney, a life scout with Troop 10 out of West Grove PA. As his Eagle Scout Service Project, Andrew rebuilt the trail bridge near the lower pavilion in Crossan Park and added a bench seating area. Click Here for project details and some pictures. We recommend you take a hike on the trail and check it out for yourselves! Thank you Andrew!

The Township's Newest Residents!
In Pennsylvania and across the nation, municipalities strive to manage stormwater to reduce the impacts that urbanization has on our natural resources. Here in our area, stormwater washing off land is the largest source of pollution to the White Clay Creek. Unless it is properly managed, almost all of the rain falling on roofs, driveways, roads, parking lots, mowed lawns, and patios ends up as stormwater runoff. Projects to reduce stormwater runoff can be too costly for homeowners. Well, now, the White Clay Creek, National Wild & Scenic River Program and the Brandywine Conservancy have a new program called “Catch The Rain”, where residential properties are eligible to receive a lifetime total of $2,500 per property in rebates if they perform certain projects like adding rain barrels, rain gardens, tree canopies and conservation landscape plantings. Your property must be located in the White Clay Watershed to be eligible for the program and once you have entered the website, you can enter your address to see if you qualify. Click Here for more details. 

Thank you to all of the volunteers who came out on a rainy Saturday Earth Day to participate in our 6th Annual Community Cleanup. This year, our hardworking crews picked up a whopping 1.17 tons of trash (that’s 2,340 lbs.) and 34 tires and covered EVERY road in the township! Wow! Great Job Volunteers! We were very pleased to see so many kids from the Avon Grove High School and Avon Grove Charter School, willing to get up early on a Saturday morning and put in a couple of hours making a difference in their community. A special thank you to Brett Yurkovich for spreading the word at the High School and to our clean up coordinators, resident Cyndi Yurkovich and Supervisor Penny Schenk for all of their organizational efforts and hard work! Enjoy the pictures of our crews getting supplies and some in action! See you on Earth Day 2018!

DID YOU KNOW That the Township receives a Recycling Award of several thousand dollars (thanks to our recycling coordinator Jack Nystrom!)  every year because of the recyclable materias collected at the Township’s recycling center? New London Township no longer has recycling containers for their residents because people dumped their trash in and around their recycling containers. If our Township loses our recycling center, not only will people lose out on the convenience of this center, the Township will have to SPEND TAXPAYER DOLLARS on the services we now get for free AND we would lose our recycling grant award.  Nobody wants that. RECYCLE ONLY PRODUCTS THAT ARE RECYCLABLE AT THE RECYCLING CENTER.  THE INFORMATION IS CLEARLY MARKED ON THE ACTUAL RECYCLING DUMPSTERS AND IS ALSO AVAILABLE BY CLICKING HERE.



Contrary to what you may hear, the Township is NOT preventing Verizon from offering FIOS TV in the Township. Ms. Janet Miller, Verizon Manager for Franchise Video Services for the State of Pennsylvania, has stated Verizon has no plan to offer FIOS TV here for the foreseeable future. If you would like to speak with Ms. Miller, she can be reached at 717-562-5052. The Township has contacted the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and lodged a complaint and we suggest you do the same to tell your story or lodge a complaint.  
Federal Communications Commission, 445 12th Street SW, Washington, DC  20554
Phone: 1-888-225-5322  or

Chester County Pipeline Information Center

The Chester County Pipeline Information Center website provides a wide range of information on proposed pipeline projects and operators, regulatory agencies, the regulatory process, pipeline maps, and other pipeline resources.  The interactive pipeline map allows anyone in the county to enter their address and determine their proximity to existing pipelines. 
Resources are also provided to aid in the location of pipelines easements and deed information. As noted on the webpage, this information is not a substitute for legal advice and any financial or legal decisions should only be made after consulting with an experienced professional adviser.  Click Here for the landowners’ resources page.

Latest Official Franklin Township Update:
July 19, 2017

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Wednesday, August 2nd
Historical Commission Meeting
Start time: 7:00 PM

Wednesday, August 2nd

HARB Meeting
Start time: At the conclusion of the Historical Commission Meeting

Thursday, August 3rd
Planning Commission Meeting
Start time: 7:00 PM

Wednesday, August 16th
Board of Supervisors Meeting
Start Time: 7:00 PM

If you are a person with a disability
and wish to attend any of these public meetings, please do not hesitate to contact the Township at 610-255-5212 to make arrangements.
Community News
New Postings on the Bulletin Board
as of June 21st
Community Awareness Bulletins are produced by The Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Intelligence Center (PaCIC) as a means to inform the general public of developing crime trends and potential safety issues that impact our communities. Please consider visiting their public website at www.psp.pa.gov

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Chester County's Emergency Service Alert System

Chester County has upgraded its subscriber emergency notification system, called ReadyChesCo.
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The Pennsylvania Land Trust Association has published a Guide to Nature Play. You can view or download the beautifully illustrated edition.  Or click here for more information.

Donate a Car to Charity
Wheels For Wishes is a car donation program benefiting Make-A-Wish® Philadelphia and Susquehanna Valley. We are proud to offer an easy way to recycle or donate unwanted cars, trucks, motorcycles, SUVs, RVs, or even boats, by turning them into a wish for a local child. 
The Avon Grove Regional Emergency Management (AGREM) Radio system is live. Tune to AM 1670 or Click Here for 24/7 Emergency and Community Information.