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Information about the Zoning Hearing Board

Bill Finch, Chairman
Connie Chiasson, Member
Dave Francis, Member
Nancy Chromey, Alternate
Jack Nystrom, Alternate
William P. Lincke, Esq., Solicitor

  • Membership on the Zoning Hearing Board is voluntary
  • The Board consists of three members and two alternates
  • Candidates are appointed to the Zoning Hearing Board by the Board of Supervisors for a renewable term of three years
  • The primary purpose of the Zoning Hearing Board is to ensure the fair and equitable application of the Zoning Ordinance
  • The Board has jurisdiction to hear and decide the following, but is not limited to:
    • Applications for Variances
    • Applications for Special Exceptions
    • Procedural challenges to the Zoning Ordinance
    • Appeals from the determination of the Zoning Officer
  • The Zoning Hearing Board meets on an as needed basis. Please check the Website for upcoming meeting information 

Franklin Township - Zoning Hearing Board

Franklin Township Zoning Hearing Board