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Township Resident's Hazardous Trees

If you encounter a dead animal on one of our Township's roadways please Call or text Tom Marsh directly at

(484) 571-2092. Tom removes dead deer from Township roads for the PA Game Commission.  Thank you!




FROM Bruce P. Masi, PE, Consultant Portfolio Manager, PennDOT

 With regards to SR 0896, Section SIP, we have completed the Preliminary Engineering and Environmental Evaluation phase of this project.  We are now in the early stages of the Final Design phase of the project.  This current phase will include the right-of-way acquisition process, and that process also is just starting.  We anticipate that the project letting (the determination of the low-bid contractor) will occur in Summer 2022.  This timeframe is necessary to process the anticipated 88 property takings.  While most of these are “strip takes”, this number of acquisitions will take approximately two years.
Concerning the duration of construction, it is anticipated to be two years.  Since final design has just started, the suggested sequence of construction has not yet been developed.  Also, I need to counsel you that even when the designer will have strategized how the project could be built.  It is the contractor who will be responsible for the actual construction sequence.  Therefore, the proposed sequence could change.  But in either case, we cannot yet forecast, within the two year window, when the intersection of 896 & Appleton Road and 896 & Chesterville Road might be staged.  When the project’s construction sequence has been developed, I will inform you when (within the two year window) each of these key intersections is forecasted to be improved.


At the September 21 Board of Supervisors meeting, the Township passed Ordinance 2016-08, addressing trees in the Township’s rights-of-way.  Passing this Ordinance allows the Township to bill a resident who does not take down a tree or remove branches that are posing a danger to the public within 21 days after being notified by the Township that this work should be done.  When a hazardous situation is noted, the Township will notify a resident that branches and/or tree needs to be removed. If the work hasn’t been performed in the noted time frame, the Township will do the work and then bill the resident.  If not paid within 60 days, the Township has the ability to place a lien on the property.  It should be noted that although the Township has a right to enter rights-of-ways, the trees belong to the property owners as stated in the Second Class Township Code.

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Additional information regarding the potential sale of Chester Water Authority can be found on the CWA Website.

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Members of the Velo Amis Bicycle Organization have been hard at work cutting and creating new bicycle & hiking  trails in Crossan Park. In addition to building a new bridge, they have repaired and improved an existing bridge.  These trails are fantastic and we hope you take the time to go out and give them a test ride or walk!  Thank you Matt Thompson and all of the members of Velo Amis!!!

​Invasive Insects Pose a Real Threat to Franklin Township

Much progress has been made in improving our roadways for function and safety.  Improvements are being made to Crossan Park and additional land has been preserved as open space.  Please read further for the details.

Capital Infrastructure Projects & Accomplishments – 2012 to date



The Emerald Ash Borer and the Spotted Lanternfly are damaging to area hardwoods.  Click Here to learn more about how this can affect the trees on your property.