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Tax Collection
Chester County collects the Township real estate tax.  The bill is a mustard yellow colored bill.  They also collect the County Real Estate Tax.  That bill is a salmon-colored bill. Keystone collects the Township Earned Income Tax (EIT).  Please call the Township Office if you have any questions.

Pursuant to 53 Pa. C.S.A. Section 8844, requests for real estate tax exemption must be filed during the same time frame as that of annual real estate tax assessment appeals. In Chester County, that filing window is May 1 to August 1, annually. Any tax status change made by the Board of Assessment Appeals (BOAA) becomes effective for the beginning of the following tax year. However, if the exemption hearing is held prior to August 1, it is possible that the exemption will become effective for the school year immediately following (we are awaiting legal clarification on that particular situation). Previously  the county was able to accept an exemption appeal at any time during the year and the effective date of the exemption was tied to the date of the filing.

Tax Collector:

Robert Kloss, Elected Official  

Real Estate Tax Administrator:Chester County Treasurer

    313 West Market Street Suite 3202
    P.O. Box 2748
    West Chester, PA  19382
    (610) 344-6370
Website Link for tax forms, contact information, & online payments

Earned Income Tax Administrator:

Keystone Collections Group

   546 Wendel Road

   Irwin, PA 15642

   (724) 978-0300
   (724) 978-0339 (fax)

​​Keystone Collections Group has a phone line dedicated exclusively to taxpayer inquiries during the tax filing season: (866) 539-1100
Refer to this handy flyer when contacting Keystone

Franklin Township Real Estate Tax

Franklin Township Earned Income Tax (EIT): 
0.5 %, or one-half of one percent

Franklin Township - Tax Information & Administration

Tax Information

For other tax-related information, see:


       2019      2020
General Fund 1.295 mills 1.295 mills
Parks and Recreation 0.200 mills 0.200 mills
Open Space 0.500 mills 0.500 mills
Emergency Services 0.500 mills 0.500 mills
Total Real Estate Tax 2.495 mills 2.495 mills

For properties located within 780 feet of a fire

hydrant, an additional special assessment of $36.00 for fire protection is applied.

Tax Administration