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Township Roads

PennDOT Roads

Franklin Township - Township Road Map

Township Road Map

PennDOT Roads in the Township

Our Township has many State roads and private roads within its borders. This Map shows the roads maintained by Franklin Township.
If there is a problem with any of these roads, call the office at (610) 255-5212. The Township is also responsible for most of the roads located within completed subdivisions.

Many of the heavily traveled roadways that run through Franklin Township are maintained and governed by PennDOT, and not the responsibility nor within the jurisdiction of the Township. Listed below are the PennDOT roads located in the Township. If there is a problem with any of these roads, call PennDOT directly at their 24 Hour Chester County Maintenance facility: 

(484) 340-3201

Franklin Township does not pave, repair, salt, plow, or set the speed limit for any of these roads. After you call PennDOT, if you would like to notify the Township of your concerns or issues, please call or email us.
But always make PennDOT your first call regarding:

  • Appleton Road
  • Clay Creek Road
  • Chesterville Road
  • Good Hope Road
  • New London Road (Route 896)
  • North Bank Road
  • North Creek Road
  • Pennock Bridge Road
  • Strickersville Road
  • Wickerton Road (Route 841)​