Franklin Township - Road Closures

Recently, the Township has received numerous complaints from residents about overgrown vegetation blocking road signs, low hanging branches and vines, and missing road signs on these PennDOT-owned roadways. The Township has encouraged PennDOT to remedy these issues. We are asking you to help PennDOT by calling them at (484) 340-3201 and reporting any road issues you may see on their roads. Roger Palmer is the Township PennDOT Representative. 
These are the roads in our Township that PennDOT owns and maintains:
Appleton Road, Chesterville Road, Good Hope Road, North Bank Road, North Clay Creek Road, North Creek Road, Pennock Bridge Road, Route 896 (New London Road), Strickersville Road, and Wickerton Road (Route 841).

The most heavily traveled roadways in Franklin Township are owned and maintained by PennDOT.

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