Recycling Information

Trash or Recycle?

With technological advances, recycling has come a long way and we are recycling more items than ever before. If you are doing it correctly, you just might have more recycling than trash. When done correctly, recyclables have value but when done incorrectly they are nothing but trash. To know what to do, view a 2 1/2 minute video free of charge at any time on your computer. The video was originally created for Chester County government buildings but applies to all households, businesses and institutions in Chester County because we all collect the same items. Click here for our "Single Stream Recycling Video". It is that simple. For more information call (610) 273-3771 ext. 22. 

Electronics Recycling 

Current Pennsylvania law bans certain types of electronics (laptops, desktops, monitors, televisions, et al.) from being placed in a landfill with municipal waste. Instead, all such electronics must be recycled in an approved recycling facility.
Municipal trash haulers are banned from mixing these electronic devices with any trash going to a landfill.

This law requires consumers of these electronic devices to arranging for or take their electronics to an approved electronics collection location. Some retailers may also offer no-cost collection opportunities.

Knowing that electronics recycling can be inconvenient and costly, consumers may also bring electronics to SECCRA and dispose of them in the designated electronics collection area, at no charge. Please note that this is only for individuals that reside in our service area

If you come to SECCRA, please notify the attendant at the "drive-thru window" in our scale house that you have electronics. You will be asked if you are bringing electronics as an individual or if you are bringing electronics on behalf of a business or other entity. We are not permitted to take electronics from non-individual sources. Therefore, if you are not an individual bringing electronics, you will be turned away.

In addition, when you arrive and speak to our attendant, you will be asked if you have other materials besides electronics to dispose. If they are mixed with other trash, we will charge you for the weight of materials you brought to us for disposal. If electronics are the only thing you bring to us, then there will be no charge. 

Based on our security video and the weight of the load you bring us, we may decide to charge you for disposal if our staff determines that the amount of electronics you brought to us may indicate that they might be from a source other than a consumer.

Township Recycling Bins

Franklin Township has recycling bins on the Township property located just behind the Kemblesville Post Office. The bins accept newspaper, cardboard and recyclables 1-7. The Township Recycling Coordinator, Jack Nystrom, is responsible for submitting the yearly Township Recycling Performance Grant.