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About the UCC Appeals Board 

  • (1)The UCC Appeals Board is a five member Board (which meets as needed) – members handle any appeals of decisions made by the Building Code Official.
  • ​Membership on the Building Code Board of Appeals is voluntary
  • Candidates are appointed to the five member Building Code Board of Appeals by the Board of Supervisors for a renewable term of five years
  • The Building Code Board of Appeals hears appeals from building permit applicants who feel the provisions of our current building code are not being properly interpreted by the Building Inspector
  • The Building Code Board of Appeals meets on an as-needed basis

Franklin Township - Other Committees & Boards

About the Board of Auditors

  • Each of the three members of the Board of Auditors is elected for a term of six years
  • The Board of Auditors is charged with the responsibility of auditing the Township financial records. However, the Board of Supervisors annually appoints a certified public accounting firm to review the Township's financial records.

Board of Auditors

About the Zoning Hearing Board

Emergency Management Committee

Bill Finch
Steve Lee

Rudy D. Arnold

Denis F. O'Flynn O'Brien


  • Membership on the Zoning Hearing Board is voluntary
  • The Board consists of three members and two alternates
  • Candidates are appointed to the Zoning Hearing Board by the Board of Supervisors for a renewable term of three years
  • The primary purpose of the Zoning Hearing Board is to ensure the fair and equitable application of the Zoning Ordinance. 
  • The Board has jurisdiction to hear and decide the following, but is not limited to:
    • Applications for Variances
    • Applications for Special Exceptions
    • Procedural challenges to the Zoning Ordinance
    • Appeals from the determination of the Zoning Officer
  • The Zoning Hearing Board meets on an as needed basis. Please check the Website for upcoming meeting information 

Mr. Fred Scheing, Chairman

     through 12/31/2019 
Mr. James Johnston,

     through 12/31/2023

Zoning Hearing Board

Building Code and Board of Appeals

& UCC  (Uniform Construction Code)

Harold Walls, Emergency Mgmt Coordinator
Mike Meyers, Deputy Emergency Mgmt Coordinator   
David McCarren,  Communications 
Max Heitman, HR ​

Bill Finch, Chairman
Connie Chiasson, Member
Dave Francis, Member
Nancy Chromey, Alternate
Jack Nystrom, Alternate
William P. Lincke, Esq., Solicitor