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Franklin Township - Open Records Requests

Open Records Requests

Placing a Request for Information
Requests to view public records must be made by written application on the Request for Information form, supplied by the Township, or on the Commonwealth's Office of Open Records' Right-to-Know Uniform Request Form. Send the completed form to the attention of the Township's Open Records Officer.

It is the intent of the Township to grant or deny requests for access to public records without undue delay, subject to a response time of five (5) working days, unless the Township notifies the requester within said period of a delay in providing a response or production of the records, as allowed under the law.

For more information, including applicable fees, see Franklin Township's policies and procedures for public access to information.

Appealing a Denial
If a request for information is denied, an appeal can be filed with the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records. The appeal must be submitted to the Office of Open Records within fifteen (15) business days from the date on which the notice of denial was mailed. Appeals may be sent to:

Office of Open Records
Commonwealth Keystone Building
400 North St 4th Floor
Harrisburg PA 17120-0225

For more information, please review the Pennsylvania Office of Open Record's interim guidelines: How to File an Appeal.
On February 14, 2008, Governor Rendell signed a Right-To-Know Law (Act 3 of 2008). Effective January 1, 2009, it changed the presumption that citizens need to prove that a record is public, and should be released, to a presumption of openness. The Right-to-Know law now defines “public records” to include financial accounts, minutes, orders or decisions, regardless of physical form or characteristics. In addition, other Pennsylvania laws provide that specific information, such as permit applications, are available to the public. It is the Township’s intent to conform to all state laws governing the access of public records.For more information about open records and the Right-to-Know law, visit Pennsylvania Office of Open Records.

Sharon Norris, Open Records Officer                 
Jeffrey Eastburn, Deputy Open Records Officer

– Last updated February 25, 2019