Tree branches or bushes that are growing into or hanging low over a Township road.

Dear Franklin Township Residents –

Over the next couple of months, the Township will be sending letters out to those residents that have tree branches or bushes that are growing into or hanging low over the Township roads.

As a rule of thumb, we are asking you to trim those areas to a minimum of 2’ from the edge of the curb line with a minimum 15’ vertical clearance.  The reasons we are asking you to do this are for:

  • Safety – school buses, fire trucks, ambulances, UPS, FEDEX trucks & snowplows.  Branches and bushes growing out or hanging low over the lane of traffic forces these large vehicles to travel in the center of the road and does not allow for opposing traffic to pass.  Also, it does not allow the Township to perform winter maintenance from curb line to curb line.

  • Convenience – for your fellow neighbor or loved one who may like to walk along the edge of the roadway for exercise.

  • Protection -- of your vehicles, your neighbors and those who visit your home.  By trimming these areas, it would eliminate vehicles being scratched or damaged.

Please walk your property which abuts any Township road to see if your property complies.  We would appreciate those residents who know they have a problem to start to rectify it before we start sending letters out.

If you have any questions, you may call the Township Office at 610-255-5212 and ask to speak to Jeff Eastburn, Franklin Township Operations Manager.  Please scroll to the bottom of the screen to click on the sample letter that will be mailed out to residents as well as the applicable Ordinance requirement.


Low Hanging Branch Example