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2009 Franklin Township Comprehensive Plan and Trail Study

Franklin Township - Comprehensive Plan

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This Franklin Township Comprehensive Plan provides the basis for informed decision-making and a different path forward. The Township could continue to receive subdivision and land development applications with no particular order or geographic emphasis. In the alternative, the Township could attempt to direct growth and development as recommended in the Comprehensive Plan.

Given the public outreach process that has guided this Plan, the likely outcome is to implement a "growing smarter" initiative that is outlined herein.

The Goals & Objectives in Chapter 2 clearly indicate a vision for a development pattern that is focused, not random. The overall character that has attracted people to Franklin Township can be retained if places like Kemblesville are enhanced, and if places adjoining Fairhill are conserved. In fact, there are still numerous properties in the outlying areas that are appropriate for continued agricultural use and warrant consideration for effective agricultural zoning. Therefore, a meaningful balance should be struck to enable higher intensity development to locate in the Kemblesville area in an attractive and functional way, while the outlying areas are maintained as a low intensity rural landscape.

The Natural Resources Protection Plan and the Cultural Resources Protection Plan that are presented in Chapters 3 and 4 present a thorough display of the environmental assets in  Franklin Township that are worthy of protection. The resources can be protected if growth is properly managed and directed to the most appropriate places.

The Land Use Plan presented in Chapter 5 identifies a concept for future development over the next 10 years and beyond. The logical progression of development from the "Kemblesvile Vilage Area", to a "Moderate Intensity Use Area", to a "Low Intensity Use Area", to a "Rural Resource Area" provides an opportunity to transition the intensity of development based on the character zones of Franklin Township, from the village, to the more suburban, to the more rural. The overall pattern proposed for future land use is consistent with the Chester County "Landscapes" Plan in that their 2020 Plan depicts Kemblesvile as a "Rural Center" and the fringe areas of the Township are designed as "Rural" and "Natural" Landscapes that mesh with those shown in this Plan. In addition, the "Natural Resource Protection" (overlay) area provides the green underpinnings for a conditional use/land development process based on "mother nature".

The Housing, Transportation, Community Facilities, Recreation Open Space & Recreation, and Utilities and Water Supply Plans all flow from the Land Use Plan. The Land Use Plan provides the policy framework for the transitional character of future development, that is recommended to be in sync with the infrastructure constraints and opportunities of the Township. Housing, roads, parks, and pipes need to be organized to gracefully function in support of the recommended future land use pattern.

To download the entire 25 MB PDF document, Click Here