Deer Hunting Program

Key Points on Hunting in Franklin Township Preserves

While hunting is not permitted in Crossan Park, residents should be mindful that hunting will take place in Franklin Preserve, adjacent to the park.

There will be archery and firearm hunting in Franklin Preserve, Banffshire Preserve, and White Clay Crescent Preserve. There will be archery hunting only in the Goodwin Preserve. To find out the location of these preserves, go to our Trail Maps, Parks, & Preserves page.

Hunting in Franklin Township-owned preserves follows the PA Game Commission Rules, except for certain hunting boundaries. Franklin Township's rules are more restrictive and are as follows:

  • Public Hunting is not allowed within township parks and preserves.
  • Hunting is allowed only by special permit issued annually by the township.  Call the township for details. (610) 255-5212
    • There shall be no hunting within 450 ft of residential playgrounds
    • There shall be no hunting within 50 feet of trails and developed property lines
    • There shall be no hunting within 450 ft from the edge of any playing fields in Crossan Park

The 2020-2021 hunting season permit is held by the Franklin Sportsmans Association.

Hunting hours will follow the PA Game Commission rules, which are one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset.

If you would like additional information on Pennsylvania regulations, please see the Pennsylvania Game Commission Hunting & Trapping Digest.

Safety Considerations
The Franklin Sportsman's Association posts a calendar on the Franklin Sportsmans Association website letting people know if/where hunters will be.   Check the website before entering the preserves:

We want to recommend that it is important to wear bright orange when entering the preserves during hunting season. When people are accompanied by an animal, the animal should have something bright on as well, such as a bandana for a dog or a blaze orange saddle pad for a horse.

The Township has over 100 bright orange plastic vests leftover from the roadway cleanup. If you are interested in having one, please stop in or give us a call. They are free while supplies last.

If anyone ever feels they are in danger for any reason in any of the Township Preserves or Crossan Park, always call 911 first and report the incident to the Township second.

Have you noticed that there are Notice Boards at the entrance to the Township Preserves? These notice boards were erected by the FSA and have hooks on them to show who is hunting in a particular zone in the Preserve. If a hunter is in the woods, he/she will hang his ID tag on the hook to show the general area where he/she is hunting.