Animals can suffer from heat exhaustion and heat stroke just like humans. As this chart illustrates, cars heat up quickly in the summer sun. If you encounter an animal showing signs of heat distress, follow this rules outlined in the Hot Car Bill.


What has pride of place in your home? A special photograph? A favorite painting? A keepsake?

Or something completely unexpected? 

Street Road Artists Space is holding a photographic exhibition of objects that have pride of place for the people in our surrounding communities. Each photograph, along with a description of why the object is significant for its owner, will be exhibited and also included in a 2019 publication. 

Modernized PennDOT Customer Care Website to Allow Easier Submissions, Responses to Customer Roadway Concerns 

Franklin Township - Kemblesville, PA

Community Bulletin Board

Catch The Rain Rebate Program

New 511PA Mobile App Puts Traveler Information in Drivers’ Hands

Travelers in Pennsylvania can now get better traffic information before and during a trip with PennDOT’s new, free 511PA mobile app. To download the application, visit the iTunes or Google Play stores and search for “511PA.”
In addition to the mobile application, motorists can sign up to receive personal, customizable travel alerts, or follow the statewide or regional Twitter feeds assigned to each 511PA region.
PennDOT reminds drivers to not call or look at any of 511PA’s services while driving.

Your safety, and the safety of everyone who lives, works or visits Chester County, is our top concern. Because of this, we are upgrading the emergency notification system that you already subscribe to. The new system – much more technically advanced and flexible – is called ReadyChesCo. Because of updated security measures in the new emergency notification system, ReadyChesCo requires you to create a new account. I ask that you please take a few moments to sign up at to ensure all your contact details are up to date and accurate. ReadyChesCo notifies you during a major crisis or emergency, and will also deliver important alerts such as weather, health or community notifications. Because it is an “opt-in” service, you will only receive the alerts that you request, via email, phone or text messaging. The success of this service relies on YOU. Providing us with your latest contact information is the only way to ensure that we can contact you in an emergency. Please sign up at - it only takes a few minutes to create your account! How does the ReadyChesCo emergency notification system work? The process begins when Chester County issues a message about a current or imminent safety hazard or emergency. ReadyChesCo sends the message to your first choice of contact – email, phone or text message, and we will ask you to confirm receipt. If you unable to confirm receipt of the message on your first choice of contact, the system will move on to your second choice, and so on. The flexibility of ReadyChesCo allows for more specific community and regional notifications to be sent to you, but only what you choose. As you complete the registration process on ReadyChesCo, you will see additional options for types of information you would like to receive from your local municipality, as well as Chester County government programs and services. Thank you for your participation in this important program – and please spread the word about the new ReadyChesCo notification system. Your safety is our top concern, and ReadyChesCo will deliver emergency messages to you in seconds, when seconds count! For questions, please contact: or call 610-344-4779. Chester County Respects Your Privacy. Chester County will never share or distribute your personal information, unless required to do so by law. Additionally, Chester County will never use your information for any purpose other than to send notifications or information that you have registered for on ReadyChesCo.

The Risk of Leaving your Pet in a Locked Car

In Pennsylvania and across the nation, municipalities strive to manage stormwater to reduce the impacts that urbanization has on our natural resources. Here in our area, stormwater washing off land is the largest source of pollution to the White Clay Creek. Unless it is properly managed, almost all of the rain falling on roofs, driveways, roads, parking lots, mowed lawns, and patios ends up as stormwater runoff. Projects to reduce stormwater runoff can be too costly for homeowners. Well, now, the White Clay Creek, National Wild & Scenic River Program and the Brandywine Conservancy have a new program called “Catch The Rain”, where residential properties are eligible to receive a lifetime total of $2,500 per property in rebates if they perform certain projects like adding rain barrels, rain gardens, tree canopies and conservation landscape plantings. Your property must be located in the White Clay Watershed to be eligible for the program and once you have entered the website, you can enter your address to see if you qualify. Please click here for more details.

Harrisburg, PA – The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) has modernized its online Customer Care Center – – to make it easier to report concerns on state-maintained roadways with new mapping capabilities, optional photo uploads and a mobile-friendly interface.
“We continually look for ways to use technology to improve our customers’ experience, and our new Customer Care Center makes it easier to share their concerns or feedback,” PennDOT Secretary Leslie S. Richards said. “The public reports help us in our roadway maintenance and safety responsibilities, and this modernization will ensure we get better information from our customers right from the start.”

The modernized service sorts concerns into categories: road or bridge conditions; removing something from a roadway; traffic, signs or signals; ongoing roadwork or projects; or general questions and concerns. Users can map their current location to document a concern or choose an address or roadway, as well as other relevant location information, and even upload photos related to the concern. These descriptions will provide better information for PennDOT staff and can reduce the amount of time needed to gather more information from customers submitting concerns.
As of September 30, the previous Customer Care Center had nearly 45,000 concerns submitted this year, with more than 96 percent of those concerns being resolved.
Motorists are asked to be as specific as possible when providing locations of concerns. Motorists should report the county, municipality, street name, and state route number, which can be found on small black and white signs posted along state highways. In addition, a description of any familiar landmarks would be helpful for PennDOT to locate the problem area.
Maintenance concerns will be corrected as soon as possible. Emergency road repairs, such as road wash-outs, are handled on a top-priority basis.
Concerns may also be reported through 1-800-FIX-ROAD (1-800-349-7623), though the number should not be used to report traffic accidents, disabled vehicles or other emergencies. Motorists should continue to call 911 to report these types of emergencies.Customers with questions or concerns related to driver or vehicle services should visit For concerns related to the Pennsylvania Turnpike, visit the Turnpike Commission website at

Verizon continues to misinform residents about offering FIOS TV in the Township.  The Township is not holding up a contract for FiOS TV services. Since early 2013 the Township has been waiting for Verizon to present us with a franchise agreement. Verizon's management acknowledges that Verizon will not provide FIOS TV to Franklin Township. If you speak to a Verizon sales representative and they blame the fact that they will not give you FIOS TV on the Township, they are not telling the truth. 
Below is a summary of the history provided by the Township Manager:
“First, the Township is not holding up a Franchise Agreement for Verizon.  The Board of Supervisors would sign one tomorrow IF Verizon offered one.  Franchise agreements generate income for the Township which helps to supplement our tax revenue.  By law, we are allowed to collect up to 5% of TV services sold by companies such as Comcast and Verizon who deliver their service through wires.  We currently collect the 5% from Comcast.
In February of 2013, Verizon representatives came to the Township wanting to provide FIOS service to our residents.  Verizon said they already had 94% of the Township wired.  The Township said “Great, where do we sign?”  Verizon said they would send the contract to us.  To shorten this story, after many phone calls and multiple emails, I was finally told Franklin was not getting a contract; we were not getting FIOS TV services because they were putting their resources in denser areas.  This information came to us in December of 2013.  Over the years we would ask our various Verizon representatives if they changed their mind.  You know the answer. Recently, our municipal representative changed.  The person whose name and number we published on our website would not even respond to our phone calls.  We reached out to their supervisor.  That person would not return our phone calls.  The Assistant to the Township Manager, Jeff Eastburn, took it upon himself to find someone who would talk with us.  That person was Janet Miller.  Ms. Miller was Manager for Franchise Video Services for the entire State of Pennsylvania.  She confirmed for us that Franklin will NOT be getting FIOS TV.  She did not say “never” but it appears that it may truly be never.”  Ms. Miller has recently left Verizon.

ReadyChesCo: Chester County is Upgrading its Emergency Service Alert System