Do you need help getting groceries? 

Acme in Avondale  and Giant in Kennett Square and New Garden  offer delivery.  Acme and Giant in Jennersville offer early morning hours for shoppers 60 and older.

Do you need help getting prescription items delivered? 

CVS in Jennersville
Walgreens in Avondale

Want to support local businesses?  These local business are open for take out or drive through service.  Call them directly to see if they offer home delivery.
896 Pie                                610-255-5980

Casa Italia                           610-255-5519
Daddys Kitchen                 610-255-4009
Daddy O’s                           610-255-0300
Matteo's Pizza                    610-998-9252
Landenberg Store             484-508-8008

Pasquale's Pizza               610-869-3155

Aurora Pizza                     610-869-8811

Salad Works:                     610-869-8500
Mi Cocina                          610-450-6125
Starbucks                          610-869-6230
McDonalds                        610-345-1566
Corner Café                       610-869-5557
Capriottis                           610-345-1050
Dairy Queen                      610-869-5580

What is the Township doing about the Coronavirus? Check out the Chester County Health Department website.
The Health Department has established a page on their website that is updated daily for COVID-19. The precautions for residents are common sense. Wash your hands frequently, cover your cough and stay home if you are sick. These are the same precautions for flu and common cold.

Radon, a colorless, odorless gas, is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. Radon gas percolates up through the earth's crust and is present in ALL 67 Pennsylvania counties.

The best time to test for radon is in winter when homes are closed and radon levels are at their peak.  Radon test kits can be purchased at home improvement and hardware stores. For more information, the EPA has published this “Citizens Guide to Radon -  A Guide to Protecting Yourself and your Family From Radon”.

The United States Census will be conducted during the month of April.  

Did you know that the Census determines Federal funding to the State, and eventually to the Townships? More detailed information about the importance of the 2020 Census can be found in Township News.

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