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Residential Recycling in 2018 - Please Read
For the broad segment of recycling industry that processes residential recyclable materials, the supply is almost always greater than the demand. Currently, there is a glut of residential recyclables on the market, so prices are low. In order to turn a profit, the processors require "clean" recyclable materials. If the paper, plastic, glass, and metals that are collected from our curbside recycling containers and Township bins are not properly rinsed clean or are mixed in with unrecyclable household trash, the processing companies will pay less per ton. Depending upon the degree of contamination, the processors can and will charge the collectors to take the collected recyclables. Please read these guidelines for how to most effectively contribute to the benefits that recycled goods offer. Place only items that can be recycled into your container, and make sure that these recyclables are clean enough to be accepted by the processor. Following those simple steps helps control the cost of your trash hauler's bill and allows the Township to make revenue from our recycling bins.

With technological advances, recycling has come a long way and we are recycling more
items than ever before. If you are doing it correctly, you just might have more recycling than trash. When done correctly, recyclables have value but when done incorrectly they are nothing
but trash. To know what to do, view a 2 1/2 minute video FREE of charge at any time on your
computer. The video was originally created for Chester County government buildings but
applies to all households, businesses and institutions in Chester County because we all collect
the same items. Click Here for our "Single Stream
Recycling Video"
. It is that simple.
For more information call 610-273-3771 ext. 22


Current Pennsylvania law bans certain types of electronics (laptops, desktops, monitors, televisions, et al.) from being placed in a landfill with municipal waste. Instead, all such electronics must be recycled in an approved recycling facility.

Municipal trash haulers are banned from mixing these electronic devices with any trash going to a landfill.

This law requires consumers of these electronic devices to arranging for or take their electronics to an approved electronics collection location.  Some retailers may also offer no-cost collection opportunities.

Knowing that electronics recyling can be inconvienent and costly, consumers may also bring electronics to SECCRA and dispose of them in the designated electronics collection area, at no charge. Please note that this is only for individuals that reside in our service area

If you come to SECCRA, please notify the attendant at the "drive-thru window" in our scalehouse that you have electronics. You will be asked if you are bringing electronics as an individual or if you are bringing electronics on behalf of a business or other entity. We are not permitted to take electronics from non-individual sources. Therefore, if you are not an individual bringing electronics, you will be turned away.

In addition, when you arrive and speak to our attendant, you will be asked if you have other materials besides electronics to dispose. If they are mixed with other trash, we will charge you for the weight of materials you brought to us for disposal. If electronics are the only thing you bring to us, then there will be no charge. 

Based on our security video and the weight of the load you bring us, we may decide to charge you for disposal if our staff determines that the amount of electronics you brought to us may indicate that they might be from a source other than a consumer. 

Recycling Tips 

By Jack Nystrom, Recycling Coordinator
Q: Where can I take polystyrene packing peanuts or blocks of styrofoam so that they are recycled responsibly?
A: Turnkey Marketing Associates in Kennet accepts packing peanuts, and The Lanchester Landfill accepts block styrofoam.  Click Here for directions and more information.

Q: What is the best way to recycle cardboard when I bring it to the recycling bins?
A: The SECCRA recycling bins at the township building can hold a lot of material, but they are often used inefficiently because cardboard boxes are not flattened before being placed in the bin.  In some cases the bins are overflowing when they don’t need to be.  Please flatten all cardboard boxes before placing them into the bins.  Consider keeping a box cutter or utility knife in a safe and convenient place at your home or vehicle to cut the box tape and expedite flattening.  Be sure the blade is covered when not in use.

Q: Those 5 quart and 1 quart plastic motor oil bottles have the recycling triangle on them.  Should I put them in with my other recyclables for pickup?
A: Don’t Recycle used motor oil containers -  Plastic motor oil bottles are often marked with a recycling triangle.   However the residue in the empty bottles means that consumers of recycled plastic don’t want them.   So please don’t recycle them.  Instead,  these bottles should be disposed of in the trash by the homeowner or business that empties them.   If they do go into recycling,  sorting facilities will pull them out and put them into the trash.

Q: Metal/Wire clothes hangers are not accepted for recycling by our local waste haulers.  So what can we do to keep them out of the landfill?
A: Take them back to the Dry Cleaner!  A survey of five cleaners in our area found they all take back hangers.  Call ahead if you want to be sure!

Q: I shred my office documents. Can I recycle the shredded papers?
A: Yes!  Waste haulers can take shredded office paper as part of single stream
recycling if confined in a clear plastic bag. SECCRA (the bins at the township building) accepts shredded paper when it is confined in paper bags.
Franklin Township has recycling bins on the Township property located just behind the Kemblesville Post Office.  The bins accept newspaper, cardboard and recyclables 1-7.  The Township Recycling Coordinator, Jack Nystrom, is responsible for submitting the yearly Township Recycling Performance Grant.

The Chester County Solid Waste Authority is sponsoring a compost bin and supplies sale. Click Here for a link to the Sale!

Click Here to review what
CAN and CANNOT be recycled through SECCRA

Trash and recycling collection in Franklin Township is privately contracted.  Below are four companies who pick up trash in Franklin Township. However, residents are encouraged to check with neighbors or the Internet for other options.

AJ Blosenski - 610-942-2707
PO Box 392
Elverson, PA 19520

Cauler - 717-806-0991

245 Oak Bottom Road
Quarryville, PA 17566

Republic Services – 610-869-2222
1 Briar Road
West Grove, PA 19390

Trash Tech – 302-832-8000
755 Governor Lea Road
New Castle, DE  19720

Residents are able to dispose of trash and recycling at the Southern Chester County Refuse Association, or SECCRA.  The SECCRA Landfill is located in adjacent London Grove Township.  It serves Franklin Township.

Hours:  Monday -Friday, 7:00 AM-4:00 PM
Saturday 8AM-12PM


For a list of locations that provide
Electronics Recycling,
Click Here

 LATEX PAINT IS NOT HAZARDOUS WASTE!  Residents should not bring latex paint to Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events. Solidify latex paint by either air drying small quantities or pouring the paint into a plastic trash bag with sawdust, clay-based kitty litter or rags and placing the bag and the opened can in the trash. Oil-based paint should be brought to a Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event.
For more information, call 610-273-3771 ext. *226
Nancy Fromnick, Chester County Recycling Coordinator
Interested residents can visit or call their municipality or the Chester County Solid Waste Authority at 610-273-3771 ext. *228 for information on how to properly handle unacceptable materials and for the other regional collection events scheduled.
The Chester County Solid Waste Authority, or CCSWA, manages the collection of hazardous wastesClick Here for more information.