Planning Commission
Franklin Township Planning Commission
 PC Members
   John Gontarz
   Mark Harris  Vice Chairman
   David Hoffman  Chairman
  Chuck Phillips  
   Brent Van Lith                                                          
 PC Alternates
   Zach Elwyn
   Paul Lagasse  
   Donna Dea  
This resolution, adopted on January 20, 2016, allows for the use of 3 alternates.
Information about the Planning Commission

  • Membership on the Planning Commission is voluntary
  • Candidates are appointed to the five member Planning Commission by the Board of Supervisors for a renewable term of four years
  • Planning Commission members are responsible for the review of all subdivision and land development applications, as well as the review of  proposed ordinances and revisions to the Comprehensive Plan
  • Planning Commission recommendations are advisory and are forwarded to the Board of Supervisors
  • The Planning Commission meets on the first Thursday of each month
  • These meetings begin at 7 pm at the Franklin Township Building
  • Please check the Website for cancellations and meeting minutes