Lost & Found

Missing Cat - Mt. Olivet Farms
An elderly grey cat with limited eyesight has gone missing (today 10/11/16) from the portion of Mt. Olivet Farms that's adjacent to Crossan Estates.
Please call Stephanie @ 302-229-6066 with any info.
For those not in / familiar with the immediate area, Mt. Olivet Farms is in the southern portion of Franklin Twp., south of 896 and west of Appleton Rd,  ---  about a mile from the Maryland line.
The Township contracts with the SPCA to pick up stray animals (for a fee).  If you find a stray animal wearing a tag, you should first check with the Chester County Treasurer’s office at 610-344-6370,(M-F, 8:30 – 4:30).  If the animal has been issued a license from Chester County, the County can take information from the tag and provide you with the owner’s contact information. Most times, the owner is right in the neighborhood!   If the animal does not have a tag, it is after hours or you are unable to hold the animal until the Treasurer’s Office opens, then contact the SPCA at 610-692-6113.  You should also check www.palostdogs.com.  If the SPCA is closed, then call the Avondale State Police non emergency number 610-268-2022.