Chesterville Bridge


(BMS#: 15-0841-0090-0460)

This is to inform you that the bridge carrying Chesterville Road (SR 0841) over the West Branch of White Clay Creek (Chester Co.) will soon carry a weight limit of 35 Tons (70,000 lbs.), under Section §4902(a) of the PA Vehicle Code.  An engineering study determined the weight limit based on its structural condition, taking into account the extensive deterioration of this bridge.  All overweight vehicles requesting permission to cross this bridge must fill out Application Form M-4902, and submit it to the “Pennsylvania Department of Transportation” for review and approval.

The Public agencies covered under this letter that may require the use of this application include, but are not limited to: Postmaster, School District, Township Vehicles, Fire Department, Emergency Response Vehicles, etc.

Please contact Larry Ward (PennDOT District 6-0 Bridge Unit) at (610)205-6627 for more information, or questions regarding Application Form M-4902.  

Below is further information for your use:

For vehicles exceeding the posted weight or other load capacity restrictions (speed, number of vehicles on bridge, etc.), an Application Form must be filled out each year for approval to cross the bridge. One form is required for each bridge and each vehicle.  The completed form(s) should be sent to the PennDOT Bridge Unit for review and processing, along with a “Certificate of Liability Insurance”.

*Note: The total weight of each axle (Due to Vehicle and Load) and the distance between each axle, must be accurately measured (under maximum loading condition), not estimated.

Please make sure that the “GROSS WEIGHT” shown on the application(s), matches the total combined weight of the axles (“Due to Vehicle and Load”).

There is a $15.00 application fee for each single trip permit, and $50.00 application fee for each 3-month or 12-month permit; except for exempted entities as specified under Section §1901(a) of the Vehicle Code (i.e., Fire/Emergency Response, Township, and State/Local Authorities).  Please make all remittance certified/cashiers checks or money orders made payable to:  The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation





The completed form(s) should be sent to:
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Engineering
District 6-0, Bridge Unit
7000 Geerdes Boulevard
King of Prussia, PA  19406
*Attn: Henry Berman, P.E. (District Bridge Engineer)

There are no exemptions, as stated under Section §4902(a) of the PA Vehicle Code.  See below regarding fire trucks.  

 Fire truck non-exemption from bridge weight restrictions:

Per the PA Vehicle Code, 75 Pa.C.S. §4902(a), the exemption for fire apparatus from posted weight restrictions in Section §4906 does not supersede bridge weight restrictions.  In addition, Section §4906 refers to “highways” whereas Section §4902 refers to “bridges and highways”. 

Although public safety is the main issue;

  • The Fire Company could have 2 emergencies on its hands if its truck on a fire call causes the bridge to fail. 
  • The fire truck operator and/or fire department could be held liable for any damage caused to our bridge by an un-permitted fire truck over the weight limit.

Options for the fire department’s need for timely emergency response could include, but are not limited to, a combination of:

  • A permit to exceed the posted weight limit (if appropriate)
  • The use of a lighter truck as the first responder while the heavier trucks travel the detour
  • Partnering with other fire companies to cover the area restricted by the posting with a lighter truck.


Printed: September 17, 2013