Building and Zoning
A construction permit is a legal binding contract with the Township of Franklin. The contract is binding until all required inspections are completed. To assure that the project is code compliant the resident should require their contractor to be present at all inspections and most importantly the final inspection. The final inspection must be completed and approved in order to issue the Certificate of Occupancy. Prior to making final payments a Certificate of Occupancy should be in your possession or presented to you by your contractor at the time of final payment.

Have a Question or Need Help?

For information regarding building permits or zoning, please contact Jeff Vogels, who works for the Township as Building Inspector and Zoning Officer, through LTL Consultants, Ltd.  Jeff is in the Township Office on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.  To set up a meeting with Jeff or speak with him directly, call the Township Office at 610-255-5212.

To schedule an inspection, contact LTL Consultants directly at 610–987–9290 or 888–987–8886.

Permit Documents
DOES YOUR PROJECT REQUIRE A PERMIT? Check here for Permit Requirements
Please be aware that, effective January 1, 2014, all non-agriculture projects 1,000 SF of impervious surface or more, must also submit a Stormwater/Grading Permit Application.  A project will not receive a permit until the Stormwater Review is completed and all documents have been submitted.   Residents should note that impervious surface on your property is cumulative beginning on January 1, 2014.
1)      Stormwater/Grading Permit Application
2)      Permit Fee
3)      Escrow Fee
4)      Stormwater Escrow Agreement
5)      Two copies of the stormwater plan
6)      Two copies of the Stormwater Maintenance Agreement (O&M Agreement) signed by all property owners listed on the deed

Stormwater Requirements
With the implementation of the new stormwater regulations, residents will have to submit a Stormwater/Grading permit for any project 1,000 SF impervious and over.  To assist residents and contractors with projects, please review the guidelines contained in the "Applicability Table - Agricultural" or the "Applicability Table - Non Agricultural" links that are provided below. Each gives a brief summary of the requirements and the associated fees.  The Simplified Approach Handbook was developed to assist residents who are doing smaller projects and are designing their own stormwater maintenance systems. Please refer to Ordinance 2013-04 Stormwater.

Building a Deck?  Please read this Deck Construction Guide for useful information and details.

Road Opening Permit Information
Attention Utility Companies:  If you are opening a roadway in the Township, you must apply for a Road Opening Permit.  The Township requires an Escrow Fee with each Road Opening Permit Application.

Hard copies of all of these documents are available in the Township office.


Permit Extension Act – Act 54 of 2013 (HB 784) amends the permit extension act to narrow the additional extension period (July 2, 2013 to July 2, 2016) for state and local government, development-related approvals to those that were in effect on December 31, 2008 or granted between December 31, 2008 and July 2, 2013.  The Act provides that state and local government development-related approvals granted after July 2, 2013 are NOT extended beyond the state or local governments’ normal approval period. 
Act 54 took effect July 9, 2013.

To summarize this means that any permits issued by the Township after July 2, 2013 will expire after one year from the issue date and will need to be extended for a fee if the project is not completed.  Always check with Jeff Vogels, Township Code Official, before you make any assumptions.


Please fill out this Complaint Form and email or mail it to the Township Office.  Forms can also be picked up in person at the township office. Fill out the form completely.
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