Board Members
Franklin Township Board of Supervisors

John Auerbach, Chairman        jauerbach@franklintownship.us            610-420-4369

Donna Dea, Member                ddea@franklintownship.us                    610-247-3114

Nancy Morris, Member              nmorris@franklintownship.us                302-230-6277

David Snyder, Vice Chair          dsnyder@franklintownship.us               610-255-5212

Steffen Torres, Member            storres@franklintownship.us                 610-255-5212
Information about the Board
  • Each of the five members is elected for a term of six years
  • The Supervisors serve in both legislative and executive roles
  • The public meeting where most of the Township's business is transacted and discussed is scheduled for the third Wednesday of every month.  These meetings begin at 7 pm at the Franklin Township Building.
  • Please check the website for cancellations and meeting agendas
Meeting Videos
The official videos filmed during the Board of Supervisors meetings are available here. Redistribution is a copyright violation and we would appreciate knowing if unofficial copies exist.